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How to Time the Market

Stocks may finally be topping out.  Or, perhaps, they are just consolidating for their next leg up.  How you see it depends on if you are a bull or a bear.  Here’s a look at recent market action… After trading … Continue reading

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The Powers of Nature

We greeted the news Friday night with the lethargic disappointment that comes with a second helping of cheese cake.  We’d longed for a government shutdown…and to see the army of beltway administrators without a purpose in life come Monday.  Instead … Continue reading

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Use the Dollar or Else

It really is a wild and wacky world out there, ain’t it?  Dirt bags like Charlie Sheen and Barney Frank make public spectacles of themselves on a regular basis and everyone loves them for it.  The more crude and shocking … Continue reading

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Washington’s Budget Cut Farce

Market analyst David Rosenberg of Gluskin-Sheff sees another recession storm appearing on the horizon.  The dark clouds forming are rising food and energy costs.  He doesn’t believe consumers will be able to weather their fury. Using a little historical analysis … Continue reading

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