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Do You Hear a Bell Ringing?

The sun shines brightest across the North American continent as we enter summer’s dog days. Cold sweet lemonade is the refreshment of choice at ballparks and swimming holes alike. Many people drink it after cutting the grass, or whenever else a respite from the heat and some thirst quenching satisfaction is needed. Continue reading

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The Rug Yank Phase of Fed Policy

The political differences of today’s leading two parties are not over ultimate questions of principles.  Rather, they’re over opposing answers to the question of how a goal can be achieved with the least sacrifice.  For lawmakers, the goal is to … Continue reading

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This Market’s Bound to Bust

Sporting events are overrated.  Think of the latest Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.  What a dud that turned out to be…twelve rounds of pat-a-cake.  We’ve seen harder hits watching the squirrels go at it along the back fence. For any real … Continue reading

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