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Tales from the FOMC Underground

Many of today’s economic troubles are due to a fantastic guess.  That the wealth effect of inflated asset prices would stimulate demand in the economy. The premise, as we understand it, was that as stock portfolios bubbled up investors would … Continue reading

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Smart Programs of Capital Destruction

These days everything must be smart.  There are smart cities, smart grids, smart policies, smart TVs, smart cars, smartphones, smart watches, smart shoes, and smart glasses.  There’s even something called smart underwear. Before long everything around us will be so … Continue reading

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The Solution to Deflation

The stock market laid another egg yesterday.  We won’t dwell on it much.  Only enough to make the observation that change is in the air.  You can see it.  Feel it.  And even smell it.  Nonetheless, being prepared for it … Continue reading

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