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Just Another American Story

This is a story that dates back over a billion years. To the Proterozoic Era. If you can stretch your mind to consider how long ago that was you can understand how sedimentary rock is formed and how it bonds you over eons to the natural world. Continue reading

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The Swamp Walker Delight

If you can understand how the modern swamp walker thinks, you are better positioned to see how credit rating agencies and stopgap bills are both moving America towards a similar end. Continue reading

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The War and Peace of Secular Market Cycles

Projections from the Congressional Budget Office show Washington racking up an additional $20.2 trillion in debt over the next decade. That would put the national debt somewhere around $54 trillion. Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time in Flagstaff

All these Treasury purchases by the Fed will serve to lower interest rates.  But remember, to purchase this massive supply of Treasuries the Fed will use credit that’s created out of thin air via ledger notations. Continue reading

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