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This Market’s Bound to Bust

Sporting events are overrated.  Think of the latest Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.  What a dud that turned out to be…twelve rounds of pat-a-cake.  We’ve seen harder hits watching the squirrels go at it along the back fence. For any real … Continue reading

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Cynics and the Big Fat Greek Default

“Crito, we owe a rooster to Asclepius.  Please don’t forget to pay the debt,” were the final words of Socrates.  He uttered them shortly after downing poison hemlock in 399 BC, in fulfillment of his death sentence for corrupting the … Continue reading

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Monkey Economics

Despite the advent of the tablet phone and microwave kettle corn, there are still rudimentary evolutionary responses hardwired into the core of the human psyche.  During moments of failing they take over and suppress clear thinking.  How else can one … Continue reading

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Get Paid by Politicians

“I’m out here studying what appears to be an epidemic of arrested development in the American Dream,” wrote Hunter S. Thompson from San Francisco to a New York Editor in the mid-1960s. Fifty years later the effects of this epidemic … Continue reading

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