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Property Confiscation Is Coming

Outright property confiscation by governments is something that’s ardently disparaged here at the Economic Prism.  There’s no justification we can rationalize for state sponsored theft.  This includes penalizing those who are young and healthy with a disproportionate burden of a … Continue reading

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Economic Frankenstein

According to the Department of Labor, 148,000 jobs were created in September.  The experts thought the number of new jobs would be closer to 180,000.  Still, the unemployment rate dropped a tenth of a percent to 7.2 percent. No doubt, … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy the Magic of Rising Stock Prices

Let’s begin with the understanding that something delightful is taking place in the stock market.  The S&P 500’s up 22.33 percent year to date.  What’s more, the S&P 500 just hit a new nominal high of 1,745.  Can you believe … Continue reading

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Ten Things to Expect from Obamacare in 2014

Ten Things to Expect from Obamacare in 2014 By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. It’s been clear to anyone paying attention that the October “rollout” of Obamacare has been a turbulent, confusing disaster.  Sloppy IT systems and technological failures combined to … Continue reading

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