The Beatings Will Continue

The annual company holiday party was held over the weekend at Clearman’s North Woods Inn.  As President and Founder, we were obligated to offer some anecdotes.  What follows is an excerpt of our impractical perambulations…

The year is fading fast.  The last fragments of 2014 are rapidly slipping by like the last grains of sand through an hourglass.  The fewer days there are left the quicker they seem to disappear.

Take a look around.  The days are short.  The nights are long…and it is especially dark before dawn.  Alas, once again, 2014 was not the year our humble publishing business moved from darkness into the light.

Every sale we made took an inordinate amount of time and energy to acquire.  For selling newsletters has been like selling ice cubes to Eskimos.  No one seems to want what we have…even when we try and give away the store for free.

Most enterprising fellows would have cut their losses long ago.  They would have folded up shop and gone into carpet cleaning or chiropractory, or, perhaps, become a magician at the local dinner theatre.  But, nope, not us…

The Most Delightful Job in the World

We are much too stubborn for that.  We cut our nose off to spite our face.  Not because we think we’ll eventually make it.  Rather, we continue our ways because we get a terrific thrill for our labors.

Success is defined by profits and losses in a purely business sense.  Yet the value of an endeavor cannot always be measured by dollars and cents alone.  Here at the Economic Prism we have the most delightful job in the world.

We open our eyes each day, long before the rooster calls.  Gazing around we see amazing, extraordinary things.  We have to pinch ourselves to confirm it isn’t all one big crazy dream.

The stable instability of the economy and markets is captivating like Shakespeare’s Hamlet is captivating.  There’s madness, mayhem, and moral corruption woven together in one great big tragedy.  Making things evermore amusing are the obsessed governments, whom attempt to script the plot to their liking.

We are aghast at the harebrained schemes employed by bureaucrats as prudent policy.  They make promises they can’t keep, for things people don’t deserve, by borrowing money from foreigners.  Through their charitable efforts of forced philanthropy, they’ve made millions of perfectly able people into dependents of the state.  In doing so, they’ve ballooned the debit side of the balance sheet ledger beyond reparation.

The Beatings Will Continue

Taking top honor as the most absurd, however, is the Federal Reserve…who keeps it all going by creating vast amounts of digital monetary units from thin air and emitting them into the financial system.  Whence do they get the money to giveth?  To whom do they giveth the money to?  These are the moral questions that we delight in.

There is something rather crude and disgusting about a system that relies on fraud to exist.  If you hadn’t noticed, modern day economics and finance, as executed by central bankers, is an unadulterated fraud.  Most people don’t seem to notice it.  Others look the other way.  Some academic types construct theories to promote it.

Quite frankly, we are horrified by it.  We can hardly believe what the Federal Reserve’s doing is legal to begin with.  Regardless, we know there will be grave and disastrous consequences for engaging in this sort of blanket larceny.  There will be hell to pay for all of us.

We can’t let these rascals off the hook.  We must do our part to shine the spotlight directly upon their works of madness.  We couldn’t stop if we wanted to…we are compelled to do so.

At the same time, we’ll continue to greet our failures with a smile.  We’ll get after it each day with the stubborn determination of a pack mule.  Professional life has taught us that the beatings will continue whether morale improves of not.

Why not grit out teeth and take the setbacks with a grin and smirk?

Most victories we’ve had come from persistence and perseverance.  Others may come and go.  We keep right at it.

Merry Christmas!


MN Gordon
for Economic Prism

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