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An Open Letter to William Dudley

Dear Mr. Dudley, Your recent remarks in the wake of last week’s FOMC statement were notably unhelpful. In particular, your excuses for further rate hikes to prevent crashing unemployment and rising inflation stunk of rotten eggs. Crashing Unemployment Quite frankly, … Continue reading

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Bear Witness to the Madness

Second-rate economic data is first-rate news for Wall Street these days.  We don’t quite comprehend the logic.  But the popular reasoning goes something like this… Good economic data is bad for stocks.  For it means the Fed will begin increasing … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots on Employment and Inflation

One principal conundrum of the extreme monetary policies of the last eight years is on the subject of consumer price inflation.  Expansion of the money supply is, by definition, inflation.  Yet how come, following a quadrupling of the monetary base, … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity

Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity By Doug French, Contributing Editor The minimum wage should be the easiest issue to understand for the economically savvy.  If the government arbitrarily sets a floor for wages above that set by the market, jobs will … Continue reading

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