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Does the American State Deserve Collapse?

Monetary, fiscal, economic, political, and military affairs are tightly interwoven into the fabric of a nation. The primary thread extending throughout is the state’s endless desire to dominate and centralize the supply of money. Continue reading

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The Viral Assault On Small Businesses

COVID-19 has provided the perfect cover Schwab’s disciples to assault one of America’s remaining expressions of freedom and independence: small businesses. With lockdowns, politicians get to pick and choose what businesses survive and what businesses don’t. They get to decide who’s essential and who isn’t. Continue reading

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Why Some Americans Love Government Lockdowns

There’s mounting evidence the American character is being destroyed by an infected mind. While some Americans have been rightly irate by the government’s lockdown orders, there are others that love it. They love forced hunkering. Moreover, they love the prospect of free money. Continue reading

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