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The Art of the Lose-Lose Deal

Has there ever been a worse time to be a lowly American wage earner? First, Washington spewed out $6 trillion in printing press money. This pushed consumer price inflation to a 40 year high. At the same time, it diluted wages from a standard lager to a pilsner light. Now, at this very moment, the demand for higher wages through union organization is leading to the mass culling of payrolls. The higher wages go. The less jobs will remain. Continue reading

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Why China Will Suffer a Hard Landing

Global economies are struggling.  Europe’s economy is stalling out.  The Japanese economy’s shrinking at an annualized rate of 7.1 percent.  But we won’t dwell on Europe or Japan at the moment.  For today we set our sights on a Chinese … Continue reading

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The Decline and Fall of the Stroh Family Beer Business

Great wealth, like the seasons, is ephemeral.  One generation accumulates it.  While another burns through it.  The difference is dependent upon whether one has a short or long time horizon. Do they save some seed corn for the next grow … Continue reading

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Detroit Bankruptcy Uncovers Disastrous Pension Fund Fudge Factor

Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. History last Thursday.  Then, on Saturday, Helen Thomas bit the dust.  No doubt, both passing were long overdue. As far as we can tell, the demise of Helen Thomas and Motor … Continue reading

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