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Mandated Scarcity in the Land of Fruits and Nuts

Last Wednesday night, following the Presidential debate, we stepped outside our back stoop and were greeted with the displeasure of a sulfurous odor.  It singed our nose hairs.  It burned our eyes.  We could practically taste it. At first we … Continue reading

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The Breakdown of Planned Economies

Something big is coming to a head and there’s nothing to stop it.  Over the last half century – or longer – more and more intelligent and able people have become encumbered by government programs of compulsory philanthropy.  In some … Continue reading

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Economic Panacea Unveiled

According to Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service, California’s credit rating is at a “crossroads.”  The new fiscal year will begin one week from today and there’s still no budget in place.  “If a budget is not adopted in time for … Continue reading

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