Feeding LA’s Homeless Industrial Complex

Election season 2022 is in full bloom.  Activists, with clipboards and ballot initiatives, are abundantly flowering outside supermarkets.  They want signatures – your signature – in support of new legislation that would increase funding for various whacky and zany ideas.

In California, and particularly in Los Angeles, initiatives that would fire off more dollars to combat the abundance of shanty favelas blighting urban areas are flourishing.  The rationale is compelling…

As of 2020, there were over 161,000 homeless people in California.  In Los Angeles County alone, the homeless population, as of 2020, was precisely 66,463.  Both those counts are now likely much higher.

Who doesn’t want to do something about the profusion of tented bivouacs, barrel fires, medieval disease, human excrement, public drug use, crime, and mental illness that is running rampant across the southland?

Surely something must be done.  But what? Continue reading

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Is It Game Over For Washington Checkers Players?

The United States and Western Europe are playing checkers.  Russia and China are playing chess.

This mismatch is grossly evidenced by the recent salvos in the financial warfare being waged between NATO allies and the burgeoning Sino-Russian alliance.

The initial centerpieces of the massive sanctions against Russia included cutting Russian financial institutions off from SWIFT and preventing the Russian Central Bank (Bank of Russia) from using its foreign currency reserves.  Orders to ‘freeze and seize’ the assets of Russian oligarchs soon followed.

At the time, NPR breathlessly reported on the excellence of this monumental cooperative action.  The genius of the allied elites was celebrated before the effectiveness of the sanctions was known.  Failure of such a shrewd and unified move was out of the question.

But Putin had his own countermeasures ready.  To stabilize the ruble, the Bank of Russia offered to buy gold from Russian banks at a fixed price of 5,000 rubles per gram, thus linking the ruble to gold.  This quickly limited the ruble’s devaluation in terms of U.S. dollars because gold trades in dollars. Continue reading

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Why the Digital Dollar will Destroy Free Speech

Sunsets glitter over the Pacific.  Poppies bloom cupa de oro in the spring.  The Golden Gate Bridge shines through the foggy San Francisco Bay.

These glimmers of gold may remain.  But over the last 50 years, the Golden State’s luster has systematically been stripped away by sociopaths and egomaniacs in government.

All golden specks of responsible, moderate government have been basted to oblivion like 19th century strip miners blasted away the Sierra Nevada foothills.  Fiddlesticks to all.

State officials in Sacramento have gone stark raving mad.  Right now, at this very moment, they’re using the COVID-19 pretense to put forth a whole host of legislative proposals to trample personal privacy, abuse minors, bully doctors, and destroy livelihoods.  Here’s what we mean…

AB1993, for example, requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all employees and independent contractors to work in California.  And AB1797 creates an immunization tracking system giving all government agencies access to vaccination records for all persons.

But that’s not all. Continue reading

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Countdown to U.S. Government Default

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are coming.  And they’re coming much faster than most people care to think about.  Are you ready?

At the moment, roughly 90 central banks – including the European Central Banks and the Federal Reserve – are either experimenting with, or are in varying stages of CBDC implementation.  Moreover, these CBDC friendly central banks include all G20 economies.  And together, represent more than 90 percent of global GDP.

What’s important to understand is the adoption of a CBDC in your country of residence would accompany the abolition of cash.  This would be for your own good, of course.  To eliminate nefarious transactions and black markets.

If you value financial privacy and the liberty to spend your money as you please, then the rapidly approaching rollout of CBDCs is a major red flag.  Compulsory use of a CBDC, like a digital dollar for example, would give central planners complete oversight and control over your finances. Continue reading

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