Has Joe Biden Lost His Mind?

Are you an accidental dependent of Washington?  Many people are.  And many people don’t even realize it.

Systems of elaborate folly have been erected with the most impossible of promises.  That wealth can be created without production.  That stimmy checks can be paid without taxes.  That everyone can get free solar power at the expense of their neighbors.

Central to these promises are the central government and central planning authorities.  They promise ease and comfort and, in return, they make you a dependent.  They promise a secure retirement, and free drugs, while running a scheme that’s beyond Charles Ponzi’s wildest dreams.

Social Security, no doubt, is a tempting idea.  The government confiscates part of your paycheck every two weeks.  Then, in return, and after putting in 45 years, your retirement is subsidized.  You can enjoy your golden years in comfort. Continue reading

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When Boom Turns Into Crack-Up Boom

Slow Joe Biden’s moving fast.  His parade of remarkable measures is marching in double time.  On Day 1 alone, the new President of the USA signed 15 executive orders and 2 executive agency directives.  Surely, he got writer’s cramp.  Here’s a partial summary of what all was covered…

By executive order, President Biden promises to save the environment by rejoining the Paris climate accord.  He also promises to weaken America’s energy security by terminating the Keystone XL pipeline.

In addition, Biden’s getting America mixed up with the World Health Organization again.  And to keep you safe, he’s ordered one hundred days of masking.

Biden’s a job creator too.  One of his orders established a position called the COVID-19 response coordinator.  We imagine the job has excellent benefits.

There’s also good news if you can’t pay your rent or mortgage.  Biden’s extended the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until March 31, possibly longer.  And if you can’t pay back your student loans…no worries.  Biden’s extended the hold on student loan payments until at least September 30. Continue reading

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Fruits Of Inflation Are Blossoming

Donald Trump got impeached – again – this week.  Big whoop!

We already knew the House of Representatives at the 117th Congress is the greatest collection of political crooks, lowlifes, and losers to ever assemble under one roof.  We didn’t need a token impeachment vote to validate this.

More importantly, President-elect Biden’s proposed $1,400 “stimmy” checks (i.e. stimulus checks).  The amount is a “topping up” of the $600 “stimmy” approved by Congress in December.  Together, these total the $2,000 “stimmy” promised to voters.

Naturally, Biden’s fulfilling the dream of America’s central planners.  You know the plan by now.  Lockdown the economy, bankrupt small businesses, and then stimulate consumer demand with fake money.  As easy as one, two, three, the central planners took control of the population, the economy, and financial markets.

The global pandemic, no doubt, provided the perfect cover to meddle in the lives of millions.  Here in LA County, health officials are now advising people to wear masks at home.  It’s part of a brand new plan (dated January 11, 2021): Los Angeles County Responds: Confronting COVID-19. Continue reading

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Let The Good Times Roll

Let the good times roll
Let them knock you around
Let the good times roll
Let them make you a clown

Good Times Roll, by The Cars

America’s Recline and Flail Goes On

The storming of the U.S. Capitol Building on Wednesday was a wacky and wild escapade.  But it shouldn’t be a surprise.  These things happen when a nation’s in decline.  And, as Wednesday demonstrated, America’s recline and flail goes on.

More telling is the fake outrage by politicians to score political points and justify additional control over the populace.  Chuck Schumer compared it to Pearl Harbor, calling it a date “in American history that will live forever in infamy.”  President-elect Joe Biden characterized it as “one of the darkest days in the history or our nation” and “an unprecedented assault on our democracy.”

Schumer and Biden conveniently overlook the irony of their statements.  They may be accurate.  But only for reasons they never intended.  Lost in the ruckus was any candid consideration of election counting shenanigans. Continue reading

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