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Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Looking for ordinary ideals of Americana is like searching for consistencies in the Affordable Care Act statute.  They simply don’t exist.  The valued conviction of one American vastly differs from that of another. One may celebrate adventures in mysticisms.  Another … Continue reading

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What You Must Know About Global Currency Debasement

After six years of heavy handed market intervention the financial system has been pushed to the extremes.  Scientific management of the economy has twisted and contorted it in ways that would’ve otherwise been impossible.  Rather than moderating the business cycle … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Flood

The United States’ economy is flying high.  In fact, when compared to Japan and Europe, the state of the union is strong and prosperous.  What’s more, it’s only getting better. The unemployment rate continues its slow soft slide downward.  It … Continue reading

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Hold On To Your Gold

Something befuddling’s going on.  It is quite the brain twister.  As night follows day and day follows night, should not price inflation follow the massive $4 trillion Fed balance sheet expansion that’s happened over the last 6-years? Simply connecting the … Continue reading

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