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China’s Return to Normal

The stock market watches Europe with intent hesitation.  Up one day.  Down the next.  One day Europe’s on the verge of financial meltdown and stocks are in the cellar.  The next day rumors of a big bailout have markets floating … Continue reading

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Change We Can Believe In: Soak the Rich

Sometime in early 1848 French poet Alphonse de Lamartine had a change of appetite.  For whatever reason, he no longer took to gobbling up frog legs but to gobbling up the new, forward thinking, ideas of the day. It all … Continue reading

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On Scientific Management of the Economy and Going for Broke

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke should never have left Princeton.  He’s much better suited for a lifetime of pontification than real work.  Not that chairing the Federal Reserve is real work.  Yet, even so, at least as a professor his … Continue reading

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Magnifying a Magnificent Debt Bubble

Last week it was discovered that, Kweku Adoboli, a 31-year-old equities trader for the Swiss bank UBS, had gone rogue.  In a remarkable misadventure he managed to blow $2 billion of other people’s money at his employer’s expense.  Apparently, UBS … Continue reading

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