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Be Like Jimmy

The DOW jumped up 108 point yesterday.  The headlines offer many reasons why this is so.  But we don’t have time to consider them today.  For we have other points to ponder…like debt. You see, individuals and nations alike have … Continue reading

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Economic Panacea Unveiled

According to Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service, California’s credit rating is at a “crossroads.”  The new fiscal year will begin one week from today and there’s still no budget in place.  “If a budget is not adopted in time for … Continue reading

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Give Default A Chance

“Jove does not give all men their heart’s desire.” – Homer, The Iliad The Measures Are Killing Us Last week, following several shots of ouzo, the Greeks took to the streets of Athens.  There, while attempting to surround Parliament, they … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Shelter Your Cash from Inflation

Building wealth ain’t easy.  On the one hand you must pay taxes on what you make.  On the other hand inflation is continuously gnawing away at what you are able to save.  With these two forces working against you why … Continue reading

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