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Consumers Don’t Stand a Chance

Most economists don’t do any favors for the esteem of their trade.  They take ideas a third grader would know are idiotic and champion them with bluster and bravado.  Hardly a day goes by where some economist doesn’t prove he’s … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman Doesn’t Know T-Shirt Economics

The DOW eked out a slight gain yesterday.  Nonetheless, stocks are falling.  So are oil prices.  Gold too.  This, no doubt, brings good cheer to the Fed.  For it gives them cover to print more money. Falling oil prices mask … Continue reading

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More Public Spending Only Hastens the Demise

Kicking off Labor Day weekend last Friday was a report by the Labor Department that, on balance, the U.S. economy failed to create a single job in August.  On the bright side, this also means not a single job was … Continue reading

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