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Living On Borrowed Time

Practicality the entirety of Congress now believes that the ability to pay should not limit the ability to promise people whatever they want. There’s no poll of members of Congress to support this assertion. We base it on what they’ve communicated by real, material actions. Continue reading

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Rise of the Japanese Androids

One of the unspoken delights in life is the rich satisfaction that comes with bearing witness to the spectacular failure of an offensive and unjust system.  This week served up a lavish plate of delicious appetizers with both a style and … Continue reading

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How to Cash In On the Economic Sweet Spot

By all accounts, the U.S. stock market is expensive.  Not only is it hitting new nominal highs, its valuations are also off the charts.  How can one tell? Fortunately, there are several metrics to guide us.  The Shiller’s Cyclically Adjusted … Continue reading

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