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All Bets Are Off

Stock markets across the planet gazed out across the economic landscape yesterday and vomited all over themselves.  After that, they convulsed and dry heaved again and again.  For the global economic disfiguration has grown so grotesque, so awesomely awful, that … Continue reading

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Deliver Us From Idiots

A central benefit of the government’s debt ceiling calamity was the outstanding comedy it provided.  We’ll certainly miss the B-rated entertainment.  While it’s unfortunate a default was avoided, the whole hullabaloo served up some tasty performances. President Obama, for one, … Continue reading

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A Modest Alternative to Monkeying with Currency Markets

Late last week, while many were busy paying tribute to their Irish brethren with good cheer and libations, the Group of Seven (G-7) nations were busy monkeying around in foreign exchange markets with their first coordinated intervention in over 10 … Continue reading

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