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Who Else Bought BlackRock’s LDI Swindle Products?

The recent collapse of the United Kingdom (UK) gilt market’s long maturities, which required Bank of England (BOE) purchases of tens of billions of pounds of long gilts to stem a Lehman moment, shined a spotlight on something called liability driven investing (LDI). Continue reading

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Central Bank Visions of Absolute Control

There’s not much you can do in the year 2021 that doesn’t leave a digital trail. The collusion of big tech and big government has assured this. Still, there does remain one simple way to elude the busybodies. In fact, one of the last ways to preserve some level of economic privacy is to pay with cash.
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Double Whammy Economics

What’s up with the U.S. consumer?  They seem to have come to their senses at the worst possible time.  They can no longer be counted on to push economic growth up and to the right.  Specifically, they’re not spending money … Continue reading

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