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Is the IRS Coming for You?

This week, while you were busy working, President Biden signed what he says is, “one of the most significant laws in our history.” It’s called the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022. The name implies it will reduce inflation. How pumping $750 billion into preferred sectors of the economy will reduce inflation is unclear. Continue reading

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I Didn’t Believe the IRS Anyway

I Didn’t Believe the IRS Anyway By Dennis Miller, Miller’s Money Forever Lois Lerner’s emails are back from the dead—sort of.  The former IRS official’s BlackBerry, however, is still long gone.  The IRS intentionally destroyed it in June 2012 (after … Continue reading

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The Next Big Crisis Moment You Can Bank On

Donald Rumsfeld has a way with words that is both simple and insightful.  Obviously, not everyone’s valued his intelligence over the years.  From what we gather, they called him Ronald Dumbsfeld when he worked for the Nixon administration. This name … Continue reading

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