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Flying on a Wing and a Prayer

The main essence, as we understand it, is that over the last 18 months the Federal Reserve has reduced its balance sheet by nearly $1 trillion. With less Fed credit available, market interest rates must go higher. As interest rates go up, asset prices (stocks, bonds, and real estate) will eventually go down. Continue reading

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Money—How to Get It and Keep It

Money—How to Get It and Keep It By Doug Casey, The Casey Report Even if you are already wealthy, some thought on this topic is worthwhile.  What would you do if some act of God or of government, a catastrophic … Continue reading

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Foundation for Massive Wealth

We wandered around the Coachella Valley for several days this week.  If you’ve never been to the area you aren’t missing out.  It’s a giant desert valley centered about 120 miles due east of Los Angeles. Some people go there … Continue reading

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The Perfect Time to Save for a Rainy Day

Today we gaze back to the past so we can peer forward to the future.  What does yesterday tell us about today?  What does today tell us about tomorrow? For example, eleven year ago the global economy was in the … Continue reading

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