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Adventures in Currency Debasement

The U.S. dollar, as measured by the dollar index, has generally gone up since mid-2014.  The dollar index goes up when the U.S. dollar gains strength (value) against a basket of currencies, including the euro, yen, pound, and several others.  … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff

“You boys know what makes this bird go up?  Funding makes this bird go up.  That’s right.  No bucks, no Buck Rogers.” – Gordon Cooper and Gus Grissom, The Right Stuff (film) Pledges for Trump Things are looking up for … Continue reading

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Trump’s Plan to Close the Trade Deficit with China

Jack Ma is an amiable fellow.  Back in 1994, while visiting the United States he decided to give that newfangled internet thing a whirl.  At a moment of peak inspiration, he executed his first search engine request by typing in … Continue reading

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The Great El Monte Public Pension Swindle

There are places in Southern California where, although the sun always shines, they haven’t seen a ray of light for over 50-years.  There’s a no man’s land of urban blight along Interstate 10, from East Los Angeles through the San … Continue reading

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