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The Errant Miscalculation of a Generation

Man’s desires are unlimited, as far as we can tell.  There’s always an upgrade or deluxe version of the latest doodads to chase after.  Some go after them with the stubborn resolve of a donkey going after a dangling carrot.  … Continue reading

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Mandates and Morons: Twisting the World into a Madhouse

A win-win deal is a contract or transaction where both participants benefit.  Usually this means both parties receive profits.  Here’s a simple example how… An entrepreneur pencils out a money making enterprise…say an automatic car wash station.  He makes some … Continue reading

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How to Sleep Well During the Great Dollar Panic Ahead

Periods of epic price deflation have occurred several times in American history.  The Great Depression, of course, is the only period still within living memory for some.  But peering back another 100 years, there’s an instance of price deflation that … Continue reading

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Disgraceful and Insulting

New discoveries were made on the economic front last week.  The Labor Department reported that 163,000 jobs were added in July.  Yet even with the new jobs, the unemployment rate rose to 8.3 percent. “We’ve still got too many folks … Continue reading

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