Will You Beat Uncle Sam’s Relentless Pursuit of Your Wealth?

The United States is lurching towards an epic financial catastrophe.  This isn’t a novel insight.  The great tragedy has been in the works for decades.  Anyone with a mild inkling of curiosity knows what’s going on.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s population clock, the U.S. population is over 334 million.  This, no doubt, is a lot of mouths to feed and people to clothe and shelter.  But that’s not all.

Many of these people also need some sort of medical care throughout the year.  Some may break their arm.  Others may have their appendix burst or suffer cardiac arrest.  There are also serious medical emergencies from car accidents or other hazards.

In an economy characterized by limited government and individual liberty people are self-supporting.  They provide the means to pay for these needs through the fruits of their own labors.  Minors are supported by their families until they can provide for themselves.  The elderly may fall back on their kids if they didn’t squirrel away enough nuts during their working years.

In an economy characterized by central planning this is not the case.  Large segments of the population are dependent on government programs for their daily bread.  They also look to the benevolent hand of government to pay for their drugs and other medical needs.

The U.S., over the last 100 years, has transformed from a nation of self-supporting individuals to a nation of collective dependents.  In fact, the U.S., at this very moment, is closing in on a significant milestone.

Several days before the Ides of March, 100 million people – or approximately 30 percent of the total population – will be on Medicaid.  Can you believe it?

Forced Philanthropy

An outfit out of Naples, Florida, called the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), even has a special website with a countdown clock so you can monitor precisely when this magical moment arrives.  The FGA is forecasting that Medicaid enrollment will hit the 100 million mark sometime between the late evening of March 12 and early morning of March 13.

Will you pop a bottle of bubbly and toast this momentous accomplishment?

The actual significance of 100 million is found primarily in the number itself.  It’s big.  And round.  It offers a unique opportunity to pause and contemplate the madness of what’s been erected.

How is it that 100 million Americans ended up on Medicaid?  Could it be that the entire Country will one day be ensnared by this program’s wide casted nets?  What happens to the quality of medical care when payments for services rendered are diverted through an ultra-mega government program?

Politicians, by and large, are enamored by transfer payment programs.  The more idealistic of the lot may believe that through their programs of forced philanthropy they’re making the world a better place.  Others just get a thrill out of employing central planning to control the masses.

“The way to Hell is paved with good intentions,” remarked Karl Marx in Das Kapital.  The devious fellow was bemoaning evil capitalists for having the audacity to use their own money for the purpose of making more money.

Marx, a wordy busybody, was consistently wrong.  The road to hell is paved with plenty more than good intentions.  Grift, graft, larceny, corruption, and fake money all compose the pavement.  Good intentions are simply sprinkled on top to improve the aesthetic.

Government Scam

Perhaps Medicaid, when it was first created under the Social Security Amendments of 1965, was established with good intentions.  Who, but a complete Scrooge, could possibly be against providing medical aid to low-income residents?

But what you may not know is that Medicaid, in its current form, is an absolute government scam.  Strings from the coronavirus fiasco have been attached to the program, which places state governments at the mercy of the federal government.  The FGA offers the following details:

“The sharp rise in enrollment is largely due to the federal government’s continued extension of the COVID-19 public health emergency which locks states in ‘Medicaid Handcuffs.’  While the emergency is in effect, states receive extra Medicaid funding on the condition that everyone enrolled remains locked into the program.  This has led to an additional 24 million enrollees, more than 21 million of whom would previously not have qualified because they earn too much money or are otherwise ineligible.” 

The price tag for these 21 million otherwise ineligible Medicaid enrollees comes to $16 billion per month – or $192 billion per year.  The taxpayer – that’s you – foots the bill.

As perspective, to better understand how many ineligible people 21 million represents let’s look to Florida.  The population of Florida, the third largest state in the Country, is 22 million.  So, the equivalent of nearly the entire population of Florida, is illegitimately on Medicaid.

Think about that on Monday morning when you rise at the crack of dawn to start up your daily grind once again.  Think about that the next time you peruse your paycheck and see the massive federal income tax deduction being confiscated.

How many other government scams are you working to pay for?

The actual costs of the scam portion of Medicaid are much, much more than $16 billion per month.  As the FGA notes, as welfare enrollment – including Medicaid enrollment – increases, workforce participation decreases.  So, the ability of the U.S. economy to pay for Medicaid and other government scams is diminished.

Yet the madness continues.  Washington policies are handcuffing people to dependency who are entirely ineligible for the programs they’re dependent on.  What’s more, they’re doing this at the worst possible time.

Will You Beat Uncle Sam’s Relentless Pursuit of Your Wealth?

Presently, the U.S. national debt is over $31.4 trillion.  Factor in unfunded liabilities – such as social security, Medicare parts A, B, and D, federal debt held by the public, and federal employee and veteran benefits – and the number jumps to $173.5 trillion.  That comes to over $519,000 per citizen.

These debts won’t magically disappear.  However, they won’t be directly paid either.  Simple arithmetic doesn’t allow it.  But they will be paid, nonetheless.

You’ll pay with your time and your talents.  You’ll pay with a declining standard of living.  In fact, you already are.

This week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the latest inflation data.  According to the government’s aggregate data manufacturers, consumer prices, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), increased at an annual rate in December of 6.5 percent.  After peaking in June 2022 at 9.1 percent, the rate of inflation has steadily slowed.

Should you be happy that you’re only being robbed of 6.5 percent of your savings per year instead of 9.1 percent?

Remember, at an ‘official’ inflation rate of 6.5 percent it only takes 11 years for the purchasing power of your savings to be cut in half.  And 11 years is only about one-fourth of a person’s working years.  In other words, over the duration of a person’s working life their earnings will be cut in half at least four times.

Wage and salary increases may soften the blow.  But they won’t keep pace with government sponsored inflation.  In truth, real wages have declined for 21-months in a row.

And what about after retirement when employment income disappears?  In this regard, a retiree should expect the purchasing power of their savings to be cut in half at least once – possibly twice.

This, in essence, is how you’ll pay for Washington’s massive debts and unfunded liabilities.  The Medicaid scam is but one example of the servitude you’re indentured to.

By this, saving and investing your income and wealth has never been more important.  With hard work, diligence, unending perseverance, and some luck, you can maintain your independence and standard of living in the face of Uncle Sam’s relentless pursuit of your wealth.

The challenge is great.  The stakes are grave.

[Editor’s note: This is a very challenging time for investors.  Inflation.  Deflation.  Recession.  The dangers are prominent.  However, it’s also the genesis of the next great wave of wealth over the next decade.  And we intend to ride it all the way.  If this interests you, take a gander at my Financial First Aid Kit.  Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know to prosper and protect your privacy as the global economy slips into a worldwide depression.]


MN Gordon
for Economic Prism

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32 Responses to Will You Beat Uncle Sam’s Relentless Pursuit of Your Wealth?

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  2. Jeff M says:

    Keep in mind once a person turn 65 years of age, the government requires you to sign up for Medicare or suffer heavy monetary consequences down the road if you do not. I am signed up for Medicare but never use it. Many others may be in the same situation.

    Medicare is a screw-job for doctors. If I self-pay a doctor, I get a cash discount and the doctor fills out no government paperwork. HOWEVER, I went to a clinic to get my ears cleaned out due to excessive wax buildup AND WAS REFUSED even though I told them I would pay them UP FRONT. NO! they said, I was Medicare-eligible and therefore – “would not touch me with a ten-foot pole.” I know Medicaid programs are run by the states – I do not participate – however, I can see where it gets abused.

    Such is the state of healthcare in Amerika.

  3. mongoos says:

    My monthly health benefits premium will be over $300 this year. My retirement ‘nest egg’ lost over $60k just between Apr 1 and May 30 of last year. I can’t wait for the end-of-year report! I’m 73 years old and therefore required by federal law to make forced withdrawals from my retirement account in amounts mandated by the feds! Actuarial tables are used for this purpose so the government can steal its ‘fair share’ via taxation before I die! We are the only country in the world that does this. And the only thing the USSA is #1 in anymore is the cost of everything. “If it happens in politics, you can bet that it was planned that way.” -FDR, 1936.

  4. Nathan says:

    The fact is that for the last 50 years the US has been living off the rest of the world who have failed to understand the mechanism or fight it.

    • mongoos says:

      Please clarify your remark. I think the reverse is true: the rest of the world has been feeding off the USSA.

      • Sirk says:

        The US has been feeding off the rest of the world in at least three ways: (1) US dollar reserve currency allows the US to dominate other countries’ financial positions; (2) SWIFT sanctions used as a form of economic war; and (3) US military, CIA, etc. plunders developing countries’ resources using coups to install compliant puppets who allow US corporations to pillage, leaving huge populations destitute.

        Contrary to what you’ve been brainwashed to believe, the US is NOT a force for anything good in the world.

  5. shackled says:

    Considering that DOD and military bill is over a trillion a year for useless, harmless killing devices (including the Covid VAX, which is 100% DOD project), why shouldnt the PEOPLE WHO PAID FOR ALL THIS get something back?
    Top corporations
    pay NO income tax, but get enormous tax subsidies
    where is OUR part of this scam?
    Its sent to UKRAINE to bomb them, and to 50 million illegals. wake up on this subject. WE paid , WE should benefit

  6. jkru says:

    Soc Sec and medicare where taken out of my paycheck during my working years. It’s not an unfunded liability. It was stolen/misappropriated but not unfunded.

    • Sirk says:

      Exactly! People who call Medicare & social security “entitlements” fail to see them as pre-paid social safety nets. If I put the same amount of money into a bank account for my entire working life, would withdrawals be “entitlements? Of course not!!

      Beginning in the late 1980’s, the Greenspan commission led to increased SS/Medicare taxes on working Americans. In essence, the baby boomers were required to pre-fund themselves as well as pay for those already retired. There should have been $2.7 trillion available to the boomers as we retired, but the pot of gold proved too alluring to the warmongering government which squandered it all.

  7. Pete says:

    Silly, that’s why they created a virus. That’s why they forced a vaccine program. That’s why they’re provoking a nuclear confrontation with Russia, China, Iran and any other nation who will take the bait. That’s why they’ve been pushing illegal (and legal) drugs for so many years. Population control. They’re thinning out the herd. It’s easier and far more profitable than inflating away the debt or defaulting on it. Instead, eliminate the obligations. Behind all that is Peak Oil – resource depletion. And not just any resource. The most important resource of all required for modern economies to grow. Oil.

    Petroleum is the essential “nutrient” for an economy. Less food and an economy inevitably starts to shrink and die and in the case of the U.S., the monstrous and perverted financial system, a function of its economy, now also threatens global collapse. This is the corollary motivation for stoking war with Russia – control of perhaps the last great reserve pf petroleum. Two for one. Eliminate large segments of the global population and secure control of Russia’s petroleum. If successful, which is highly doubtful, the petrodollar will retain its reserve status and America its hegemony.

    So, to come full circle, a human mass extinction event HAS been deployed. The end result will be (supposedly) a healthier economy and planet. To be sure, according to Yuval Harari Noah, due to the wondrous and rapid evolution of technology, only five percent of the world’s current population is necessary to sustain the project of human civilization. But mass extinction is the objective, to relieve the planet of so many troublesome, consuming and polluting bipeds and to unburden the global economy from the mass of humanity which can no longer be “serviced” and, according to elitist doctrine, ought not to be. The remaining five percent will be permitted to exist so long as they service the ruling class.

    Deliberate mass extinction. That is the game. Get your affairs in order.

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  25. Sirk says:

    I would very much prefer my tax dollars spent on healthcare for low income citizens than on endless war and socialism for the weapons manufacturers! Why does no one ever complain about the rising amount of money given to the military-industrial complex? What else could be done with some of this year’s $858+ billion Pentagon budget?

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