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Fighting the Suck in China

Old records are being broken.  New records are being notched.  On Monday, for example, the People’s Bank of China reported a record liquidation of foreign exchange reserves occurred in November. Specifically, China’s foreign exchange reserves declined $87.22 billion in November … Continue reading

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The Chinese Fiasco

The twilight receded into the vista of the glowing port lights.  Docked container ships melded into the profusion of overhead cranes.  Sporadic refinery flares overtook the final sparkles of dusk. The sun slipped beyond the far side of the Palos … Continue reading

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The Fatal Dangers of a Fading Bull Market Run

It is too bad that mobile devices don’t set off a signal before their users do something terminally stupid.  Perhaps a warning alarm would help them change course.  Rather than texting and walking in front of a city bus, the … Continue reading

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