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Ghosts of the Alexandria Hotel

In January, talented graffiti artists began tagging the vacant Oceanwide Plaza towers. This is no small feat. It requires scaling the buildings’ unfinished exteriors and then spray-painting creative phrases using colorful palettes and designs. Some then base jumped off and paraglided down Flower Street. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren’s Plans to MAGA

There are places in Los Angeles where, although the sun always shines, they haven’t seen a ray of light in over 100-years. There’s a half square mile of urban decay centered on the Union Rescue Mission at 545 South San Pedro Street, where depravity, chaos, addiction, insanity and archaic diseases multiply and ricochet about like metastatic cancer. Continue reading

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Something’s Gone Horribly Awry

The S&P 500 has fallen 7.37 percent so far this year.  What to make of it… Naturally, some people find falling stock prices to be unpleasant.  Others find them distressing.  Another way to look at falling stock prices, however, is … Continue reading

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