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Are You Gambling with Your Retirement Account?

And just like that.  The year is half over.  Can you believe it? Hardly the blink of an eye ago we were putting the final touches on our one great big nasty prediction for 2023 – that China will invade … Continue reading

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Washington’s Bias for Continuous Inflationism

This week Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell delivered his semiannual testimony to Congress. A main feature of the discussion was the status of rate hikes and the fight against inflation. Continue reading

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Are You Unknowingly in the Impact Zone?

The S&P 500 has become increasingly risky over the last six months as the top technology stocks have bubbled up. Because of this, the portfolios of many investors are now unknowingly in the impact zone. And they will get absolutely drilled when the market resumes its next bear market leg down. Continue reading

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Time to Get Real About Artificial Intelligence

There’s never really a good time for a new bubble mania. But usually, they have the decency to come at the tail end of an extended bull market, as a sort of blow-off top. Continue reading

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