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What the End of Fed Rate Hikes Means for Stocks

Here in the wooded mountains of East Tennessee the vegetated growth is so dense it shuts off the adjacent view. Hollers, as they’re called in southern Appalachia, are undetectable. And in an instant, things can go terribly wrong. Continue reading

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What Brookfield’s Default Has to Do with You

This trip down memory lane was wandered with intent and purpose. Because this week Bloomberg reported that Brookfield Corporation, one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world, has defaulted on $161.4 million of office building mortgages. Continue reading

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The Creative Process of Government Destruction

According to Schumpeter, the depression stage is both useful and creative. It brings the economy into equilibrium through forced adjustments. The level setting during the depression then encourages new innovations that take shape in the next stage of recovery. This process, where new and innovative companies destroy the value of established companies, is what Schumpeter called creative destruction. Continue reading

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Bondage Is Cruel

Did you know that San Francisco’s recently completed 1.7-mile Central Subway cost $1.95 billion? That amounts to over $217,400 per foot. On a per inch basis, this is over $18,000. Continue reading

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