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Don’t Take Me for Granted

Freedom in America, and throughout the world, is in decline. In fact, it has been in decline for many years. Continue reading

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“Where is the Outlook Most Miserable?”

Templeton borrowed a then-hefty sum of $10,000 ($192,282 in today’s dollars) and bought shares of 104 companies trading at $1 per share or less. He had a hunch that although the general sentiment at that time was extremely negative, the war was actually going to fuel the economy. Continue reading

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Why Big Government Statists Despise Gold

Gold to paper currency conversion once exacted limits upon the public purse. The Treasury, in concert with the Federal Reserve, could not issue unlimited debt based money. But that was before the U.S. severed the dollar’s relationship to gold and commenced the dollar reserve standard. Continue reading

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Why Grubby Politicians like Joe Biden No Longer Get All the Breaks

Ted Nicholas Peterson – known to friends as “Nick” – was a man of confections. Fudge, to be exact. At age 21, and $96,000 in debt, he started his own confectionery business called, “Peterson’s House of Fudge,” in Wilmington, Delaware. Continue reading

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