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Los Angeles Tackles Zombies Ahead of Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is February 13. Century Boulevard, between LAX and SoFi Stadium, is roughly 4 miles. Will Planet Green clear all the zombie camps from this corridor in time? Continue reading

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Welcome to Walley World!

One of the fringe benefits of Washington’s stimulus program has been inflated stock portfolios. This has delivered a great boon for certain state governments. In Connecticut, for example, a state that taxes capital gains as regular income, this year’s budget surplus is projected to be $470 million. Continue reading

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Buckle Up for Economic Destruction

The idea that the economy will quickly rebound and everything will be back to normal as soon as the shelter in place orders are lifted is pure fantasy. The fact is we’re all so screwed at this very moment we’ve yet to realize just how screwed we are. Continue reading

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